Naval Aviation Museum.

The Naval Aviation Museum in Pensacola Florida is celebrating the 100th anniversary of the aircraft carrier. Through a generous $50,000 gift, an anonymous donor kicked off a fundraising campaign to assist in the creation of a new modern exhibit, to be located in the museum dedicated to the Nimitz fleet. The first thing to be done was to create a bold logo to celebrate this occasion and properly brand the event. A silhouette of the USS Eisenhower was used. This campaign then required a direct, personalized communication directed to retired admirals to entertain, inform and encourage their participation in the creation of this exhibit. The direct mail box was created using stock imagery from the United States Navy and architectural renderings from the museum. The contents when opened include a personalized cover letter, a personalized welcome and overview of the campaign and a full color brochure that reveals artist interpretations of how the exhibit will look when completed. It also contains a rocks glass that adorns the 100th anniversary logo, a bottle of Captain Morgan’s rum, a Diet Coke and a suggestion to just add ice and enjoy the presentation.

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